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About Us - Your Trusted Partner In Analytics

Discover the essence of Euthenics IT - Your trusted partner in Business Intelligence & Analytics. Learn about our journey, expertise, and commitment to transforming businesses through data-driven insights.

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About Us - Your Trusted Partner In Analytics

Welcome to Euthenics IT, your gateway to excellence in Business Intelligence & Analytics. We are a team of passionate innovators committed to transforming data into actionable insights for businesses worldwide.

Our Vision

At Euthenics IT, we foresaw the shift in technology from ERP to Business Intelligence. With this vision, we developed FACTis-BI, a Next-Generation Analytics product designed exclusively for business users. FACTis-BI empowers businesses by enhancing the capabilities of existing ERP systems, providing unified views of information, cross-functional analytical reporting, and rapid deployment solutions.

Our Expertise

Euthenics IT excels in streamlining business processes and delivering valuable insights through Business Intelligence & Analytics. Our extensive industry knowledge enables us to upgrade client processes to industry best standards.

Serving Diverse Industries

Today, we actively serve clients in the BI space across 11 diverse industry verticals, including FMCG, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Textiles, Manufacturing, Engineering, Power & Energy, and more.

Your Strong Partner

With Euthenics IT, you gain more than a solutions provider; you gain a team of industry experts committed to your success in the ever-evolving landscape of Business Intelligence & Analytics.

Contact Us

We welcome inquiries and collaborations. Reach out to us at info@euthenicsit.comto explore how we can elevate your Business Intelligence & Analytics journey.

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