Rapid Mart

Make it easy for your decision makers to access the information they need – when they need it. Our data mart packages, Rapid Marts, can help you get the maximum value from your Business Intelligence solutions with flexible and comprehensive reporting, query, and analysis functionality for your lines of business.


Rapid Mart


Rapid Marts packages accelerate access to your company’s ERP data and yield a wide range of business and IT benefits.


Rapid Mart Modules



  • Improve decision making with faster access to accurate, complete, and current LOB data.
  • Accelerate deployment with prebuilt data integration, database models, and semantic layers.
  • Reduce training and support costs with intuitive tools that increase self-service.
  • Minimize risk with a modular framework that makes it easy to adapt to changing needs.
  • Increased visibility and business insight through enriched BI reporting
  • Improved strategic alignment and accountability through stronger analysis
  • Higher productivity through intuitive and interactive interfaces
  • Faster ROI with best practices for business analysis
  • Reduced costs with preconfigured solution
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