CRM Solution

CRM Intelligence solution offers CRM modules for end-to-end integration of sales, marketing, customer, partner, knowledge, and mobility management on one end where as delivering strategic analysis and management on the other side.


CRM Intelligence solution is a comprehensive CRM strategy for deriving strategic business value through effective handling of multitude of sales and marketing decisions that keep on increasing in number and complexity due to dynamic competitive markets, increasing product portfolio, and patterns of interaction between sales force and customers.


CRM Intelligence delivers the true correlative and analytical insight into the information that is continuously being collected by different CRM and SCM activities like Sales Force Automation, Lead Management, Marketing Automation, Sales Order Processing, Inventory Information and else. It creates a real-time business visibility for sales, marketing, and service managers and executives by providing them with actionable insight.


CRM Intelligence solution helps the organization leverage detailed customer-behavior and product movement patters information to best manage relationships for maximum customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention, and profitability.


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