FACTis – Utility Intelligence Solution


How can FACTis BI solutions enable you to change the game?

FACTis BI solutions utilities companies operating in regulated and unbundled markets are better able to meet challenges in supplying power while adapting to industry reorganization and coping with regulatory uncertainty. Facilitated by FACTis BI Analytics, they can harness emerging technologies to achieve the right balance between profitability, sustainability, and safety in supplying their customers with energy.

What do FACTis BI solutions help customers do?


Energy supply chain optimization ::

Integrate supply chain processes and information from procurement and delivery to consumption with FACTis-BI Analytical Reporting.


Operational efficiency for plants and grids::

Gain a single real-time view of plant and business data that enhances the entire asset lifecycle through Dashboards and Scorecards.


The intelligent grid::

Use state-of-the-art technologies to move smart-grid benefits on to consumers and businesses.


Customer experience::

Gain a 360-degree, real-time view of customers to enhance service, marketing, and sales through FACTis-BI Mobility.

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