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FACTis – Retail Intelligence Solution


How can FACTis BI solutions enable you to change the game?

The empowered consumer has fundamentally changed retail.  
FACTis BI solutions help retailers simplify their business with a detailed understanding of their customers’ needs and the ability to serve them individually and seamlessly across all channels.


What do FACTis BI solutions help customers do?


Customer-centric marketing and merchandising::

Analyze, plan, and optimize assortments, prices, and promotions based on your customer needs with consolidated information in Dashboards.


Supply chain::

Fulfill demand flexibly across channels and optimize inventory, warehouses, and transportation.

  • Decrease inventory from reduced in-transit time.
  • Reduce lead times, working capital requirements and inventory carrying costs.
  • Reduce cost of capital on inventory, handling and distribution to improve top and bottom line growth.
  • Perform root cause analysis to correct supply chain disruptions.
  • Identify and replace poor, slow moving, obsolete inventory with profitable product mix and increase revenue opportunities.


Human Resources::

Simplify HR processes, support talent development, and maximize employee engagement.


Omni commerce customer experience::

Visibility across various retail channels (store, web, mobile, catalog, etc) to maximize promotional profitability .Deliver a relevant customer Experience anywhere, anytime.



Take advantage of financial best practices and gain real-time insight into profitability. Analytics will guide decision makers for gross profit margin, operating profit margin, net profit margin and ROI on yearly basis.

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