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FACTis -Port Management Intelligence Solution

Ports and terminals around the world face the challenges of reducing equipment and labor costs, managing growth without large capital investments in land and berth space, and developing and proving new technology. On top of the challenges is the added pressure on terminal operations from owners and customers to augment profitability, increase throughput, exceed customer service goals, and prove a return on their information technology investment.

FACTis BI solutions addresses all the challenges by providing comprehensive terminal solutions for real-time planning, management and control of port and terminal operations and inter-modal facilities. FACTis-BI terminal solutions provide immediate visibility to critical data so you can make better strategic decisions.

What do FACTis BI solutions help customers do?

  • Terminal Managers will get the summary of Gate Movement Analysis, RTG productivity Analysis, vessel productivity analysis, Yard Inventory Analysis and truck turnaround analysis.
  • Terminal Managers will get the Import Ratio, Export Ratio, productivity Ratio, Turn around ration, crane productivity and vessel productivity.
  • Analysis of Terminal Wise Installed Capacity Vs Actual Performance.
  • Analysis of Terminal Wise Efficiency in %.
  • Time Performance Analysis as Total Hours Vs Working Hours of Each Terminal.
  • Container Size Wise and Rail/Road Wise Import Analysis
  • Container Size Wise and Rail/Road Wise Export Analysis
  • Analysis Of Port Wise, Week Wise Utility in %
  • We can compare different Port’s Utility Week Wise
  • Analysis of Port Wise Terminal Wise Hourly(0 to 23) Efficiency Analysis
  • Analysis of Port wise, Terminal Wise Daily Utility in % with Alerting
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