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How can FACTis BI solutions enable you to change the game?

FACTis BI solutions Oil & Gas Intelligence Solution, oil and gas companies can provide reliable access to energy sources to drive world economic growth and elevate the standard of living. They do this by optimizing capital spend, maximizing return on assets, improving profitability, and driving sustainable operations while operating safely, developing talent effectively, and continuously transforming their businesses.

What do FACTis BI solutions help customers do?


Students, teaching, and learning::

Offer compelling learning environments and manage the 360-degree student lifecycle by means of Analytical Dashboards.


Hydrocarbon supply chain::

Refine or process oil or gas, transport to retail outlets, and sell at commercial service stations.

  • Decrease inventory from reduced in-transit time .
  • Reduce lead times, working capital requirements and inventory carrying costs.
  • Reduce cost of capital on inventory, handling and distribution to improve top and bottom line growth .
  • Perform root cause analysis to correct supply chain disruptions.
  • Identify and replace poor, slow moving, obsolete inventory with profitable product mix and increase revenue opportunities.

Operational integrity::

Guide operational risk and asset integrity, ensure health and safety, and plan workforce competency.


Enterprise information management::

Govern and manage full information lifecycle over key domains of assets, people, products, and so on with FACTis Mobility.

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