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How can FACTis BI solutions enable you to change the game?

FACTis BI solutionsfor the life sciences and healthcare industry help healthcare organizations run better by enabling a personalized healthcare experience through integrated records and collaborative medical analytical capabilities. Also help biotechnology, and medical device companies achieve operational and financial excellence and strengthen collaboration with suppliers and customers. FACTis BI Analytical solutions help life sciences companies innovate and maximize the quality of drugs, devices, services, and processes to improve patient outcomes. FACTis BI Analytical solutions help provide real-time access to relevant information at the point of care; enable information exchange among patients, care providers, and support networks; and establish full visibility and transparency of operational support.


  • Ability to review clinical performance indicators, like cholecystectomy complications, and drill down to root cause.
  • Conduct ad-hoc analysis and take corrective action via Self-Service BI.
  • Provides actionable information on trends and patterns in the treatment of the diagnoses.
  • Improve operational efficiency by identifying the most cost-efficient and effective services and continuously improving health delivery.

What do FACTis BI solutions help customers do?


Strategic sourcing and procurement::

Simplify sourcing and procurement, manage third parties, and optimize spend and supplier performance by doing the root cause Analysis from Enterprise Intelligent Reports.


Demand-driven supply networks::

Synchronize demand and supply, optimize inventories, and help ensure traceability of drugs and devices with at glance information in Dashboards.


Compliant manufacturing::

Align internal and external manufacturing, proactively improve efficiency, and mitigate risk with Scorecards.


Multichannel sales, marketing, and service::

Consistently demonstrate product and services differentiators to payers, patients, and caregivers.


Care collaboration ::

Enable information exchange among patients, care providers, and health support networks through FACTis-BI Mobility.


Clinical delivery ::

Provide real-time access to relevant patient and clinical information at the point of care.


Healthcare analytics and research ::

Leverage advanced analytic applications to drive insights for better research and outcomes.

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