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How can FACTis BI solutions enable you to change the game?

FACTis BI solutions IT helps global enterprises gain competitive edge by leveraging the right mix of technology, people and processes to achieve strategic objectives. Our team of domain experts ensures that IT initiatives are tied to business imperatives through quantifiable metrics. The approach is consultative and business-led: we first understand the business challenges and define the goals. This enables us to identify and implement the appropriate technology solution.

FACTis BI solutions has a suite of solution accelerators and frameworks across the software development lifecycle. These accelerators are used to reduce the development and go to market time.

Our innovative approach to digital strategy includes getting key insights from both internal stakeholders and your customers, and using that intelligence to orchestrate an experience that may be initiated on the web, reviewed on a mobile device, and completed in a store. Our responsive web design process ensures you get a solution that can work efficiently across multiple platforms, devices and systems.

What do FACTis BI solutions help customers do?


Customer-centric marketing and merchandising::

Analyze, plan, and optimize assortments, prices, and promotions based on your customer needs.


Supply chain::

Fulfill demand flexibly across channels and optimize inventory, warehouses, and transportation.


Human Resources::

Simplify HR processes, support talent development, and maximize employee engagement.


Sourcing, buying, and private label::

Buy and manufacture your private label with a global network of business partners.


Omni commerce customer experience::

Simplify HR processes, support talent development, and maximize employee engagement.



Take advantage of financial best practices and gain real-time insight into profitability.

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