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FACTis BI Solution – Sales & Marketing Department


How can FACTis BI solutions enable you to change the game?

FACTis BI solutions Gain unprecedented customer insight from marketing analytics – and leverage that intelligence to increase demand generation and brand loyalty. Give your sales force the agility and power it needs to find answers, engage in meaningful customer conversations, and deliver the right impact every time – with a new set of capabilities that enhance the sales process.


Top C-level priorities:

  • Visibility into revenues and margins by all dimensions – customer, product, and region.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Return on marketing investments.
  • Customer churn rates.
  • Up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Performance by sales rep.
  • Visibility into inventory levels.
  • Improved understanding of ideal product mix.
  • Ability to improve merchandising.
  • Ability to analyze and optimize pricing.
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