The IT department is the heart of organization and, all too often, is called upon to do increasingly more with fewer resources. IT organizations lack solutions that provide the insight and control they need to manage their complex operations. It is always been challenged to support the strategic initiative and to make transparent connection between IT spending and corporate objectives. IT lacks the strategic planning, budgeting, and analytical tools it needs to respond to the changing demands of the business and to evolve from a service provider to a strategic contributor.
Business Intelligence solutions helps you to shorten its project development cycle, integration with various legacy systems to provide better customized solution to cater your business need, integrated approach to interact with various data sources together. Business Intelligence solutions provides insight needed to manage the most complex IT environments
Business Intelligence solutions Offerings

  • Executive Analysis
  • Sales and Distribution Analysis
  • Incentive & Profitability Impact Analysis
  • Field Force Productivity Analysis
  • Field Force Performance Effectiveness Analysis
  • Market Campaign and Promotion Analysis
  • Distributors Performance Analysis
  • Sales Representative Analysis
  • Cross Functional Reporting
  • Ad hoc Reporting
  • Drill Down for Detail Informant ion
  • Extensive Scope of Forecasting and What-if Analysis
  • Scheduling ,Mailing And Alerting
  • Desktop Widget,For live reports and Analytics on Your PC’s Desktop
  • Intelligent Search Capabilities amongst a bundle of Reports and Analytics
  • Integration with any portal
  • Mobile support to User
  • Export to any Format like PDF,Flash ,EXcel,PPT,Word etc.
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