BI Standardisation

Today’s organizations struggle with wasteful duplication across different BI products, data inconsistencies, and frustrated end users. And the problem gets worse each day as new uncoordinated BI projects sprout up across the organization.


Most large organizations have already implemented IT standards – for everything from databases and transaction automation systems to data integration and data warehouses. Such initiatives have contributed to productivity improvements and cost savings. BI standardization is the next big opportunity for organizations to streamline costs and get a greater return on their information assets.


Standardizing on BI software can deliver similar economies of scale as IT standardization efforts. By providing better business insights that hone your decision-making process across your entire organization and enhance competitive advantage, a cross-organization BI infrastructure can provide excellent returns. Rather than focusing on redundant skill sets, integration points, and project requirement analyses, organizations that implement BI standards can focus on how their inherent strengths, and how to better use BI and capture best practices. The results are new revenue opportunities, improved cost visibility, and better risk management.


Benefit with Euthenics IT

  • Lower software costs through more coordinated purchasing and contracts
  • Lower support and administration costs
  • Savings in time and money spent on BI evaluations
  • Lower costs of user training
  • Faster ROI for BI projects
  • More reliable data for decision makers
  • Easier comparison of information across different departments, to get “one view of the truth”
  • Easier sharing of consistent information between different user groups, and with customers, partners, and suppliers
  • More coordinated security, which helps minimize unauthorized data access


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