Business Intelligence Solutions (BIS)

We help companies deploy a complete enterprise-wide Business Intelligence solution developing all their business processes spanning different geographies and disparate database systems. It helps your organization seamlessly integrate the information infrastructure leading to a user friendly and semantic environment for the business users and an organization wide near real-time view to the executives through robust and user friendly management dashboards.



A Model Enterprise BI Flow:


1. Enterprise Information Management

EIM builds a trusted foundation for your business decisions by integrating data from many sources and improving its quality.

  • Ensure a required data collection model for all processes across all facilities and geographical locations
  • If data is in disparate data sources, seamlessly integrate them into a data warehouse through robust sophisticated data integration tools.
  • Design information universes to define or restrict information visibility to different departments and personnel and balance data access loads.
  • Information so presented is semantic and as per the business terminology, insulating the business user from the underlying technical complexities or need for SQL knowledge
  • The ground for single version of information throughout the organization is now created.

2. Query and Analysis

Ad-hoc query and analysis tools allow end users to interact with business information and answer ad-hoc questions themselves, without advanced knowledge of the underlying data sources and structures.

  • Analysts can now work on this data using robust visual analytics to ensure that only the relevant information reaches the key managers as desired.

3.Enterprise Reporting
User-friendly visual reporting tools with drag-and-drop, slice-and-dice, and drill-down capabilities allow users to access, format, and deliver data as meaningful information to large populations of information consumers both inside and outside the organization.

4. Enterprise Performance Management
A decision maker directly receives near real-time information about Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on his/her management dashboards building on predictive analytics capabilities. He or she can now through BI focus on decision making without the need for having underlying technological knowledge.


Performance management tools and services help users align with organizational strategy by tracking and analyzing key business metrics and goals via management dashboards, scorecards, analytics, and alerting.


Enterprises adopting such tightly integrated Business Intelligence solution can now robustly resolve their business concerns and move towards leadership position.

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