Center of Excellence

Technology has now become the cornerstone of every enterprise in achieving operational, management, and organizational goals. However, in the absence of technology experts and skilled professionals having business process understanding these highest standards of achievement are not easily realized.


The Centre of Excellence at Euthenics IT facilitates consultancy, education and training leading to domain expertise aligning technology understanding in accordance to business process requirements. It aims at an ongoing participation from CxOs to professionals through which they can bring the desired value to their organization.


Our Centre of Excellence comprises of both industry and academic experts from technology and management domains who together groom the participants for current industry requirements with an outlook on the developments to come on the market in the near future. This ensures that organizations receive roadmap solutions from their people leading to maximum return on their investments.


COE Offerings

  • Training managers in technology based project management
  • Helping build in-house technology Competency Centre through the screening and evaluation of the right people in your organization
  • Training in embedded software development like using .Net and Java with Business Intelligence tools, ERP, and CRM packages.
  • Managed Services
  • R&D, unresolved issues, solutions, etc., Services > COE > Enterprise level
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