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Euthenics HR Strategies was formed to assist the business community to strategically and effectively manage the human assets of their business. Many businesses claim that people are their "most important asset," but few put forth significant efforts assure that their people are managed effectively, paid competitively, and have the proper incentives to move the business toward its strategic goals.


Our HR Strategies is devoted to helping businesses manage their most important asset more effectively, to help attract, retain and motivate their workforce, while getting the most "bang for their buck" in compensating their employees. In addition, EHRS helps companies comply with relevant laws and statutes in the management of their human resources.


Euthenics HR Strategies offers services in the following areas: 
HRD Strategies:

  • Quality challenge, People Challenge, Technological challenge, Culture challenge and speed challenge
  • Sleek organizational structures
  • Investment on Peoples challenge
  • Flat and non-hierarchical structures
  • Social responsibility and high commitment to the company and country.

Human resource strategies at the corporate level:

  • Communication strategy
  • Accountability
  • Ownership and commitment
  • Quality strategies
  • Customer orientation strategy
  • Cost reduction strategy
  • Developing an entrepreneurial spirit amongst the Employees strategy
  • culture building strategy

System implementations:

  • Work and career systems
  • Appraisal systems
  • Career paths and career planning
  • Development systems
  • Job rotation system
  • Building a teamwork system.

Auditing HRD strategies:

  • Linking strategy audit with HRD Scorecard
  • Understanding the Business needs or the organizational goals of the company
  • Attending to or addressing to the Sensitivity towards Plans, systems, processes and instruments used etc.

Euthenics HR Policies for your organization:

HR Dynamics in any organization depends on its HR policies.  The transparent HR policies of the organization, can result into better employees performance with an open mind in order to ensure that they get maximum benefits by improving the productivity etc.  The clear cut HR policies would be beneficial in long run for both the employees and employers.   Whenever the policies are not updated to the requirements, the effect of the policy becomes invalid.


Hence updating the existing policies on year to year basis with the change in the environment, etc. would be much more beneficial.  Hence our expert team members can prepare the HR Policies wherever the policies are not yet framed and update the existing HR policies as per the Industry’s requirements. 

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