Euthenics Resource Management Group

Euthenics Resource Management Group is a strategic business division of Euthenics IT, which through its network of consultants and advisors offers complete resource management solutions from CxOs, middle management, junior management, and project managers head-hunting to managing recruitment cell on behalf of organizations. This ensures that organizations get skilled people in least possible time. ERMG also undertakes project outsourcing for all industry verticals.


Organizational growth, efficiency, and strategic progress are often hampered due to the unavailability of competent key executives, managers, and trained personnel and ever-increasing attrition rates. These further results into increased operational costs and decreased productivity of the organization.


Recruitment drives for competent workforce often become a drain on valuable organizational time and financial resources. This further keeps the HR Managers so much occupied in the screening and recruitment process that they start loosing time for their key strategic roles of scorecarding and aligning the workforce efficiency matrix with management goals, talent management, kaizen and quantitative and qualitative justification of retention and relieving.
We have been offering ERMG services to different industry verticals like Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Pharmaceutical, IT, Media, Manufacturing, Energy, Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, and else.
Our Resource Management Group offers the following services:

Human Resources Management (onshore, offshore, near shore)

  • Conduct recruitment on behalf of your organization as per its skill-sets requirements
  • Deploy our trained and skilled professionals on your organizations’ payroll on both long-term and short-term basis
  • Conduct recruitment and train people thereof on your behalf for regular as well as project-based requirements
  • Conducting campus placements and training on behalf of your organization.
  • Details of a sizeable pool of skilled and experienced professionals including national as well as returning residents

Skill-sets Development and Training

  • Training your organizations’ professionals as per their skill set requirements for different projects
  • Training personnel and managers for different divisions like General Management, Finance, HR, IT, Supply chain, Operations, Production, and else
  • Providing cross domain training to developers and project manages in .Net, Java, etc. integration with business intelligence suites, data integrators, and else
  • Providing corporate and individual training in Business Objects modules (presently 32 skill-sets, one of the highest to achieve)
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