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Euthenics HR Services looks forward to be a quality solutions associate to your company and provide a wide range of HR Services & Solution that helps you confidently execute your strategy and drive performance by providing insight and facilitating understanding, communication and accountability throughout every level of the organization.
Euthenics HR Services is committed towards being a comprehensive solution center for organizations interested in deploying and leveraging the potential of HR Intelligence.
Our human resource management services portfolio comprises comprehensive functions including HR Management Intelligence Solutions (HRMIS), Euthenics Resource Management Group (ERMG), Education & Training, HR Strategies & Policies, and HR Outsourcing. We support organizations and their HR departments in the acquisition, deployment, management and development of human talent.

Euthenics HR Services:

HR Management Intelligence Solutions (HRMIS): Euthenics has designed HRM Intelligence Services (HRMIS) that empowers HR departments with the business intelligence methodologies and forecast analytics they need to better develop and communicate their strategy and align employee performance with strategic goals to achieve the organizational objectives of growth and development.
Human Resource Intelligence Solutions for complete HR Process analysis and reporting in near real-time leading to increased productivity and complete utilization of human capital across the organization. These solutions help HR Heads closely align with the management and deliver a decisive role in achieving business goals.


Euthenics Resource Management Group (ERMG): Euthenics Resource Management Groupis a strategic business division of Euthenics IT, which through its network of consultants and advisors offers complete resource management solutions from CxOs, middle management, junior management, and project managers head-hunting to managing recruitment cell on behalf of organizations. This ensures that organizations get skilled people in least possible time. ERMG also undertakes project outsourcing for all industry verticals.
We have been offering ERMG services to different industry verticals IT & Non-IT like Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Information Technology/BPO/KPO, Retail & FMCG, Media, Engineering & Manufacturing, Hospitality, Energy, Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, and else.


Education & Training: Education and Training plays one of the most important roles in preparing experts as per projects & industry requirement, thus effecting better growth and productivity – this philosophy forms the foundation of our Training and Education mission statement. 

Our Training & Education leads towards industry ready professionals who can contribute from their first day at work by reducing industry training cycle time, efforts and resources; and equips organizations for timely tapping the opportunities in line with their business objectives and goals. Our Education & training is aligned with industry-specific, project requirements and trains the participants in purview of project management principals. This greatly reduces the project-level failures that arise due to management-employee outlook gap. We provide Education & Training in Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing; IT Enabled Services like BPO & KPO, and Project Management; Corporate Performance Management Business Process Improvement, and other emerging technologies and management disciplines. We provide these Diploma & Certification programs in collaboration with Indian Institute of Business Intelligence.


HR Strategies & Policies: Our Strategies and policies are the guiding factors for any organization and the more transparent the Strategies and Policies the better output from the employees.  Industries are striving hard to get more productivity, better quality to the International Standard to compete with the Global environment.  In this direction our expert panel of members can work out Strategies and Policies as per the Strategic Management techniques. Euthenics has hands on experienced, talented, specialized team of professionals with eminent industries working experience in human resources Management. We work successfully in partnership with our clients to develop innovative and cost-effective strategies and policies for maximizing the potential of each member of your organization in collaboration with the employee’s involvement in decision making.

Euthenics provide HR strategies services in the areas like HRD strategies, System Implementation and Auditing and HR policies like Human Resource Management, Entitlements, Benefits etc.


HR Outsourcing Services: HR Outsourcing is the recent trend of outsourcing the jobs in order to get the maximum output from the experienced professionals with least cost in order to concentrate on the core competency of the organizational objectives. This type of outsourcing resulting into better bottom-line and concentration of the top technical experts to avoid the day to day hassles etc. It also helps the organizations to expose the technical experts to the Administrative government officials to face the embarrassing situations. Euthenics HR Outsourcing solutions are designed and customized to handle every administrative, managerial, consultation, and support function related to Human Resources with more emphasis on various government agencies and statutory requirements of the Industries at large.

We provide the HR Outsourcing services like Payroll, Benefits Management, HR Records management, Loan & Distribution processing, HR Consultation, Education & Training of employee etc.

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