On-Demand/Hosted Solution

In a fast-paced business environment, you need to know your decisions are based on the most current data. And, as capital budgets dwindle, you want to maximize your investment in new technology. The BI


On Demand solution helps you do both. This self-service business intelligence (BI) solution supports an intuitive process for business users to explore, report, and share data “in the cloud” anytime, without the challenge of a long, complex technology project. And, because it’s offered in software as a service (SaaS) model, it helps business users get up and running in a matter of minutes.


Key Features:

  • Complete solution: Explore, report, and share all in a single, integrated offering
  • Powerful search and browse functionality: Supercharge searching and browsing to find the information you need
  • Combined data: Bring together data from several sources to create a single report for a complete view
  • Preconfigured, customizable templates: Create interactive visualizations, data sets, charts, and graphs
  • Ad hoc reporting: Perform what-if analysis
  • On-time reporting: Schedule and share data, reports, or dashboards online securely, inside or outside the organization
  • Intuitive interface: Accelerate learning and ramp up quickly
  • Free trial: Try it for free, then get the scalable, subscription-based solution
  • Security: Use folder-level security to limit access and help ensure data security
  • SaaS offering: Be up and running quickly without software or hardware installation
  • Streamline operations: Leverage a hosted data warehouse and development environment
  • Industry and business-specific offerings: Get solutions for industry and specific line-of-business uses through partners

Business Challenges Addressed

  • Outdated or limited information available, hampering informed decision making
  • Lack of accessible or easy-to-use BI tools for business users
  • Limited availability of reports that provide a complete view of the business
  • Time-intensive, manual processes to consolidate data and create reports, charts, graphs and dashboards
  • Awkward processes to share information inside or outside the organization
  • Limited resources and budget for supporting BI

Business Benefits

  • Support for informed decision-making with intuitive exploration, reporting, and sharing
  • Affordable subscription-based SaaS solution supporting quick time to value
  • Short ramp up through an intuitive interface to help users learn and leverage the solution
  • Complete view of the business through the integration of information from multiple sources
  • Time savings with self-service BI and streamlined exploring, reporting, and sharing
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