Quickmart BI

QuickMart Intelligence Reports are for understanding and controlling your business. It allows you to perform querying, reporting, analysis and sharing tasks, all in a single tool.


With QuickMart Intelligence Reports, the business user can do both, self-service access to data and intuitive information analysis which helping user to turn business insights into effective decisions. With a few mouse clicks, users create a query from scratch, format the retrieved information, and easily analyze it to understand underlying trends and root causes.


QuickMart Intelligence Reports provides an intuitive interface that allows your business analysts and non-technical information consumers to ask spontaneous and iterative business questions of their data using their everyday business terms.


QuickMart supports day-to-day business processes.

  • Quick Mart BI for Finance Intelligence
  • Quick Mart BI for Human Resources Intelligence
  • Quick Mart BI for Sales & Marketing Intelligence
  • Quick Mart BI for Supply & Chain Intelligence
  • Historical information always available


Quick Mart can be implemented individually, or in any combination, to form a single platform that delivers the infrastructure for your company’s internal and external information needs. They can also serve as a staging area for enterprise analytic applications.


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