FACTis Business Intelligence for Microsoft ERP
“Achieve successful business outcomes from anywhere and anytime. FACTis- a MICROSOFT ERP BI Product (BI Portal) is beyond web based application.”.

Every growing business definitely has an aspiration to reach newer heights, but it means connecting with an extended enterprise which is beyond the realms of existing business systems. It is inevitable to have the right software and solutions to help a business user that connects with their extended enterprise. FACTis really addresses your business needs the way you want them to.

FACTis- a MICROSOFT ERP BI Product has been designed and developed by Euthenics R&D team comprised of industry experts and academicians after extensive market surveys, understanding business processes of business user and industry, MICROSOFT ERP customer reporting requirement, day-to-day market and business requirements of SME’s and Micro-SME’s. The KPI’s and analytical engines have been designed as per the today’s business and industry requirements. Euthenics has developed FACTis- a MICROSOFT ERP BI Product exclusively for MICROSOFT ERP business users to cater their critical business needs and enhance the power of MICROSOFT ERP.

FACTis- a MICROSOFT ERP BI Product will help MICROSOFT ERP users to track, monitor their day to day business performance, increasing the productivity, control the losses, and take timely decisions to avoid any surprises across the organization through BI portal, Advance Analytics, scorecard, enterprise intelligence report across various industry verticals on the top of MICROSOFT ERP.

Business users can have their offices where they are and access their offices for better control and monitoring and decision-making at any point of time from anywhere with a single click and take instant decisions without any dependency on people and data.

FACTis- a MICROSOFT ERP BI Product provides visibility throughout the organization to help everyone understand how the business is performing. It does not replace the existing MICROSOFT and/or any other application systems, but serves as a front end, aggregating internal and external (third-party) data and consolidating it in a central framework. It creates a common, shared context that enables effective and collaborative decision-making


  • FACTis-MICROSOFT ERP BI Product unique capabilities make it possible to optimize MICROSOFT ERP users business in ways previously unimaginable and increase the power of MICROSOFT.
  • FACTis- a MICROSOFT ERP BI Product analytical Enterprise Intelligence reporting will help MICROSOFT business users to analyze with speed of thought and capture incremental revenue,        
  • FACTis-a MICROSOFT ERP BI Product allows you to adjust business user’s product mix and placement based on actual sales and inventory data so you can maximize sales opportunities and cut out-of-stock events.
  • FACTis- a MICROSOFT ERP BI Product makes it possible to analyze offer uptake within hours after launch in order to take rapid, corrective actions to maximize customer revenue and customer wallet share.
  • FACTis- a MICROSOFT ERP BI Product analytical reporting gives continuous visibility into company-wide spending patterns; helping business user forecast business needs, maximizes cost savings and reduces supplier risk. MICROSOFT ERP BI users have access to consistent real-time data that will improve company’s forecasting abilities as well as provide intelligence on how to redirect the business as needed based on recent events, customer relationships, product plans and market variations.
  • This solution is purely implemented for MICROSOFT ERP users. MICROSOFT ERP users will have following benefits with deployment of FACTis- a MICROSOFT ERP BI Product.
  • Make the Smartest Decisions at the Right Time.
  • Enterprise Intelligent Report Solution provides a suite of products to closely monitor and hence improve your business performance.
  • Create, manage and deliver reports via the Web.
  • Web and application services for customized report integration with portals and applications.
  • Web-based management tools for administration of Enterprise Reports.
  • Supports Dashboards and Defines Key Performance Indicators.
  • Automatic scheduling of reports.
  • Create Cross Functional Reports.
  • Closely Monitoring the Business Performance
  • Dashboards drilled down to reports.
  • Graphical Analysis for easy readability.
  • Easy to access reports for faster Decisions
  • Completely Web based for easy access anywhere.
  • Reports exportable to formats of Excel, PDF, HTML.
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