BI Dashboard & Reporting In Action

With Business Intelligence Go Faster, Get Better With Power of Analytics – anytime, anywhere,on any device



  • Improve decision making by providing a single version of the truth that’s accessible to all Authorized users
  • Enable employees to create and maintain their own queries, reports, analyses, and Dashboards without having to rely on IT staff
  • Eliminate the use of homegrown spreadsheets, application adapters, data integrators, And user interfaces that are expensive to maintain and hard to use
  • Control access to sensitive business data and prevent unauthorized use of information
Dashboard & Scorecard Self Service BI
Enterprise Intelligence Analytical Report Ad-Hoc Reporting
What If Analysis Alerting & Forecasting
Publishing,Scheduling & Dynamic Recipient Content Management
BI Portal Multiple Data sources & Data Connectivity
Linear & Cross Functional KPIs Mobile Bi (Mobility)
Predictive Analytics

Key Features

  • Enterprise reporting - Access any data source, create any type of report, and deliver reports through any distribution channel
  • Ad hoc query and analysis - Enable users to ask a question, receive an answer, and ask more questions based on report results
  • Data visualization - Enable users to monitor trends and variances, identify root causes, and model scenarios
  • Data integration and quality - Consolidate and cleanse data across multiple sources to ensure complete, accurate, and trusted information for operational and strategic decision making

Business Benefits

  • Low cost with functionality available in a concurrent-access license model.
  • Fast deployment with common installation, security, and metadata as well as prebuilt solutions and packages.
  • Strong governance with data-level security, impact analysis, and data lineage
  • High productivity with alerts, guided navigation, a patented semantic layer, and Intuitive interfaces.
  • Great agility with clear visibility into business processes, business partners, and Financial performance.
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