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    If you were to believe everything you read, it is the best time to go into business. The pressure on small businesses has never been greater. Seven out of ten new employer establishments survive at least two years and 51% survive at least five years. The key reason they give for failure is mismanagement.

    Too many business owners spend hours poring over multiple spreadsheets, P&L reports and calculations with little and product.

    While there are many different aspects to this problem, one issue we will look at in detail is the use of key performance indicators.


    KPIs provide small business and large business with immediate snapshot of the overall performance of their business. In Today’s competitive business environment, it becomes highly important for the owner to have real-time data concerning the health of his business. The Small business owner should measure and track the key performance indicators crucial to the success of his organization. These important KPIs provide vital decision-making information.

    KPIs can be defined as measure that provides managers with the most important performance information to enable them to understand the performance level of the organization.

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