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Euthenics IT Services Private Ltd is Enterprise solution provider Partner, Consulting Partner and first and oldest SAP Business Objects Training & Education Partner in India, and have trained more than 5000 end users and corporate professional and covered more than 70 corporate through it’s Instructor Led training(ILT) program and Instructor Led Virtual Classroom Training program (ILVCT) at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and also imparted SAP Business Objects Training and education to international clients at Australia, Canada, China, Bangladesh, Japan, New Zealand, Sri lanka, USA, UK, Qatar etc

SAP Business Objects BI 4.1

SAP Business Objects BI 4.0
SAP Business Objects XI R3
SAP Business Objects XI R2


Instructor-Led Training


Instructor-led training is any kind of training that occurs in a training room, typically in an office, classroom, or conference room. This form of training can have one or more instructors; and they teach skills or material to another person or group through

lectures, presentations, demonstrations, and discussions.


There are several benefits to using instructor-led training, compared with other types of training.


First, unlike on-the-job training (which is typically one-on-one), instructor-led training allows you to instruct a larger group at once. This means that you can use a variety of techniques such as role-playing, and exercises and games to enhance the learning experience.


Teams may also learn better with instructor-led training, because they can share ideas, work in groups, and debate with their peers. It’s also useful for bonding, team building, and team problem solving. All of these means that instructor-led training can have greater long-term benefits than one-on-one or online training.


And, because people are in a controlled space for a fixed period of time, you have the opportunity to train them without them being distracted by competing demands.

Instructor-led training is also useful when you’re trying to keep training costs down – for middle-sized groups, instructor-led training can be less expensive than other types of training.


SAP Business Objects BI 4.1

SAP Business Objects BI 4.0
SAP Business Objects XI R3
SAP Business Objects XI R2




The next generation of instructor-led training has arrived! Business Objects introduces Virtual Classroom offerings for select classes through Business Objects education services.  Instructor-led training is a powerful resource for the process of learning. Undoubtedly, having an instructor deliver content, answer questions, and provide coaching greatly benefits students. As well, the opportunity for hands-on practice during the class is an irreplaceable part of learning. The new Virtual Classroom from Business Objects provides you with an online training option that’s just as effective as classroom training. It provides the same hands-on experience of a traditional classroom, as well as real-time access to instructors:without the need to travel to a central location. This means less time away from work and a lower overall cost for education. We are providing business objects authorized training and resource solutions through our team of Business Objects certified and globally recognized professionals to meet the corporate requirements.




Virtual Classroom uses a combination of text, graphics, and animation to explain concepts visually. The Virtual Classroom instructor interacts with students, frequently asking questions and viewing student progress. Two-way audio allows for classroom-like question-and-answer interaction. Students can also send questions to the instructor through an online chat tool.


In addition, a virtual lab environment lets students see demonstrations and practice procedures. These hands-on activities enable Virtual Classroom participants to test, explore, and practice with the actual software they’re learning to use. Just as they would in a traditional classroom, students enter an online lab and perform activities. The instructor can view each student’s virtual machine to provide guidance and coaching. Business Objects VirtualClassroom has two components:


Presentation—Instructors present educational content through video, demonstrations, white boards, PowerPoint, Word, and PDF documents. Students can communicate with the entire class or one-on-one with the instructor as needed.


Virtual Lab—Students can perform classroom activities as if they were sitting in a physical classroom. Local y installed Business Objects software is not required.

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