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    Dashboard and Report shows the occurrence of alerts in your managed systems. The Alert Management dashboard displays metrics such as the number and distribution of alerts, support messages, and the processing times of alerts. You can specify the data display period. The occurrence, distribution, and processing time of alerts tell you about the status and functioning of your managed systems.


    In FACTis BI, you can now apply predictive forecasting, and hind casting, when visualizing and exploring your data. Forecasting in FACTis BI View utilizes built-in predictive forecasting models using exponential smoothing to automatically detect seasonality in the data to provide forecast results from a series of data. Explore forecast results by adjusting the desired confidence interval or by adjusting outlier data to see how they affect results. You can also hind cast to see how FACTis BI View would have predicted the present and recent past based on older data.

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