Enterprise Reporting

Reporting allows organizations to access, format, and deliver data as meaningful information to large populations of information consumers both inside and outside the organization.

Access, format, and deliver data inside and outside your organization. Detailed Insight into Performance.

  • Crystal Reports
  • Crystal Reports Explorer
  • Live Office
  • Web Intelligence
  • OLAP Intelligence
  • Desktop Intelligence

Crystal Reports Server

A Complete Reporting Solution

Address all steps in the reporting process with one tool: data access – report design – management and delivery – and report integration with portals and applications.

Crystal Reports Server
Manage and deliver reports to users inside and outside your organization.

All the key features in other editions
Includes: data access; formatting and design; report viewing and interaction; application integration; security and support.

Key Features

Report Publishing Wizard
Easily publish multiple Crystal reports to the Web. The report publishing wizard provides a step-by-step guide to configuring and uploading Crystal reports to the Web.

Zero-Client User Interface
Give end-users instant, secure access to corporate reports over the Web with a single URL. Deploy the out-of-the-box portal or customize it using a portal integration kit.

Report Scheduler
Set up reports to run at specific times or based on specific events. Plus, schedule reports to generate in specific formats such as Excel, PDF, and RTF.

HTML Preview
The iterative report design/view process is streamlined, with a new HTML preview that allows report authors to see how reports will look when published to the Web.

Report Object Repository
Manage report related formulas, SQL commands, text objects and images in the object-oriented repository.

Security Options
Make sure the right people have access to the right information at the right time. Crystal Reports Server includes robust security options for user, group, object and folder levels.

Interactive Report Viewers
Print, export, and drill down on charts and other report objects, and conduct conditional searches within reports over the Web. ActiveX, DHTML, and Java viewers are included.

Crystal Reports
Crystal Reports is a reporting tool kit that helps you rapidly create flexible, feature-rich reports and integrate them into Web and Windows applications.

Crystal Reports for .NET
Crystal Reports for .NET provides developers with a fast and highly productive way to create and integrate presentation-quality, interactive reports that scale to meet user demands. It is available out of the box as an integrated feature of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Borland Delphi, and C#Builder.

Using Crystal Reports for .NET as part of these leading integrated development environments (IDEs), you can:

  • Easily create dynamic, graphical reports from within one of the familiar, leading .NET IDEs
  • Minimize the intensive coding normally associated with report development using the intuitive visual designer
  • Easily reuse and deploy reports for Windows, Web, and XML Web services applications

Crystal Reports for Java
Crystal Reports for Java helps simplify and accelerate the process of accessing, formatting, and integrating data into your JavaServer Pages (JSP). It is available as a tightly integrated feature in IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) BEA WebLogic Workshop and Borland JBuilder and is part of the default installation..

Using Crystal Reports for Java as part of these leading integrated development environments (IDEs), you can:

  • Easily access and format data into dynamic information
  • Minimize the hand coding of embedding dynamic data a JSP page
  • Reduce application maintenance by decoupling data connectivity and presentation from core application code

Crystal Reports Report Pack for Salesforce.com
Crystal Reports Report Pack for Salesforce.com provides you with the tools you need to create powerful, flexible and feature-rich reports within your Salesforce.com environment. Connect directly to your live Salesforce.com data and use world’s most popular reporting solution – Crystal Reports – to gain valuable insight into your business performance. Included in the Report Pack are prebuilt report samples designed specifically for Salesforce.com customers that will give you the jump start you need to start reporting off your Salesforce.com data.

How Does It Work?
The Crystal Reports Report Pack allows you to connect directly to data available in your Salesforce.com accounts. You can then use this data, along with the prebuilt reports samples, to create reports containing charts, cross-tabs and other features available in Crystal Reports.

Crystalreports.com is a Web-based report-sharing service that allows you to share Crystal Reports with the right people – simply and securely.

Share unlimited reports over the Web – schedule reports, alert users, host multiple content types and more. All with nothing to deploy and no dependence on IT.

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