Print Media Intelligence

Business managers in the Print Media industry are faced with the challenge of ever-changing market conditions. They therefore need information at their fingertips to anticipate these changes and quickly make informed decisions. Decision-making in the Print Media industry today demands high-quality intelligence. This is why Euthenics PIS(Print Media Intelligenece Management Solution) already widely used by Communications companies.
Sample Dashboard And Analytics:

Analysis Covered:

  • Executive Analysis
  • .Readership vs. Circulation Analysis
  • Mkt Sahre Analysis
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Customer retention Analysis
  • Revenue Through SMS Analysis
  • Market Share Analysis by Customer
  • Market Share By Cost benefit Analysis
  • Broadband Customer Analysis
  • Customer Billing Status Analysis

Reporting and Analytics Key Features:

  • Cross Functional Reporting
  • Ad hoc Reporting
  • Drill Down for Detail Informant ion
  • Extensive Scope of Forecasting and What-if Analysis
  • Scheduling ,Mailing And Alerting
  • Desktop Widget,For live reports and Analytics on Your PC’s Desktop
  • Intelligent Search Capabilities among’s a bundle of Reports and Analytics
  • Integration with any portal
  • Mobile support to User
  • Export to any Format like PDF,Flash ,EXcel,PPT,Word etc.

Mkt Sahre Analysis analytics organization can know when should launch which scheme at which region to increase the product revenues and capture market share.
This visualization Model covers region wise Total market share, urban market share and rural market share of competitors and yearly comparison of monthly and annually customers of different competitors. It also contains the cost benefit analysis which includes revenue and expense analysis with what-if analysis based on Expense.
Readership vs. Circulation Analysis is the sea of useful information, which empowers the strength of decision makers for quick and accurate decisions with extensive scope of forecasting. It contains Yearly and monthly readership and circulation analytics. The analytics visualizes rural vs. urban analysis for readership and circulation of dallies, Tabloid vs. Broadsheet and Magazines for Monday-Friday, Saturday and Sunday in separate charts and section.

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