Insurance Intelligence

Euthenics Insurance Management Intelligence Solution (IMiS) provides comparative analysis widely used by insurance executives to benchmark expenses for operations, administration and information technology (IT). Our analysis covers a variety of topics, including efficiency, effectiveness, key trends, use of technology and business performance.

Sample Dashboard And Analytics:

Executive Dashboard Insurance Claim Analysis
Executive Analysis Claim Analysis
Agent Performance Analysis Overall Policy Analysis
Overall Policy Analysis

Analysis Covered:

  • Executive Dashboard
  • Insurance Claim Analysis
  • Agent Performance Analysis
  • Overall Policy Analysis
  • Insurance ROI Analysis
  • Profit and Loss Ratios
  • Resource Utilization Effectiveness Analysis

Reporting and Analytics Key Features:

  • Cross Functional Reporting
  • Ad hoc Reporting
  • Drill Down for Detail Informant ion
  • Extensive Scope of Forecasting and What-if Analysis
  • Scheduling ,Mailing And Alerting
  • Desktop Widget,For live reports and Analytics on Your PC’s Desktop
  • Intelligent Search Capabilities among’s a bundle of Reports and Analytics
  • Integration with any portal
  • Mobile support to User
  • Export to any Format like PDF,Flash ,EXcel,PPT,Word etc.

Executive Airline Intelligence Analysis helps decision maker to track and monitor the performance for whole process for Airlines. It gives a special power to decision makers to take decisions quickly with 100% accuracy.

This analytics gives the detail analysis of delayed and cancelled flights and Actual vs. Target Cancelled flights for Comparative Analysis. It also visualizes the reasons for delay and cancelled flights with worse route analysis to take better decisions to avoid the cancellations and delay of flights.

Agent Performance Analysis.covers the monthly agent performance analysis. It covers agent’s comparative (Actual Vs Budgeted analysis of agent claim, Inquiry count, Avg. days taken to contact the clients and policy wise no of insurance done.

Overall Policy Analysis contains monthly Automobile Vs Homeowner policies, YTD total polices (Achieved VS Target), Mean Credit Score, Condominium policies. It also gives the no. of new customers for last 12 months.

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