FMCG Intelligence

FMCG (Or Consumer Product Goods) Intelligence analytics are the critical enabler and the “brains” behind the automated decisions, which allows users to quickly evaluate exceptions and execute the remaining process activities through process intelligence, limiting human involvement to exceptions which includes Revenue Optimization, Direct Marketing Campaigns and Automated Replenishment.FMCG Business Intelligence Solution helps manufacturers to develop new ways to become more consumer-driven to stay ahead in the competition, while further establishing a foundation for profitable growth. FMCG Intelligence Solution provides detailed business insights
Sample Dashboard And Analytics:

Analysis Covered:

  • Executive Analysis
  • Divisional Sales Analysis
  • Material Consumption Analysis
  • Sales Order Performance Analysis
  • Material Management Analysis
  • Product Performance Analysis
  • Region Wise Analysis
  • Sales office Performnance Analysis

Reporting and Analytics Key Features:

  • Cross Functional Reporting
  • Ad hoc Reporting
  • Drill Down for Detail Informant ion
  • Extensive Scope of Forecasting and What-if Analysis
  • Scheduling ,Mailing And Alerting
  • Desktop Widget,For live reports and Analytics on Your PC’s Desktop
  • Intelligent Search Capabilities among’s a bundle of Reports and Analytics
  • Integration with any portal
  • Mobile support to User
  • Export to any Format like PDF,Flash ,EXcel,PPT,Word etc.

Executive Dashboard helps FMCG industries decision maker to monitor distribution channel and sales force performance and adjusting to shifts in market share positions are imperative to optimizing market strategies. And accurately and promptly managing sales reps, distributors, and partners is a key factor in supporting those business objectives. Yet, most current methods for analyzing this information involve complicated spreadsheets and cumbersome static reports that cannot support rapidly changing conditions nor be exploited by a broad base of non-technical users.

Divisional Sales Analysis empowers the strength of decision makers for forecasting of sales. It visualizes divisional (like namkeen , pasta ,sweets ,bakery ) sales performance analysis, Expense Analysis with extensive power of forecasting. User can forecast quantizes of divisions by using what-if Analysis on Sales, which is very useful for production planning. It also shows Divisional quarter wise region wise profitability analysis, sales revenue analysis and quantity sold analysis. User is getting all the related and useful informations at single screen with details analysis.

Material Consumption Analysis enhance the power of decision making of business users. Users are getting all the information related to material consumption at one place on just one single click. He can view top 5 selling materials, Low 5 selling Materials, Low 5 selling Materials Mix and top 3 profitable materials for all sales channel distribution as well as for different sales channel distribution(Channel sales, Direct sales, Agent consigned Sales, Inter Company Sales Institutional Sales). It also visualizes three fast moving products with comparison of last year sales revenue, Which is very useful for business users to predict the product performance according to demand.

Product Order Vs Delivery Information contains Order placed by customers vs. Delivery information with trends, Alerts and comparative analysis. This Analytics contains three parts. First part having month wise comparative analysis with detail drill down information for delivery done(%) and average delivery time with alerts and benchmark. Second part contains top customers Information with order placed analysis and Trend Analysis. Last part visualizes the monthly public vs. private Order placed with variance analysis. So users are getting all the information on single analytics with interactive and Graphical View, which empowers the strength of decision makers to take better decisions very quickly and with 100 % accuracy.

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