SCM Intelligent Reporting

Euthenics Supply Chain Mangement Intelligence(SCMiS) is a new initiative that provides the capability to extract, sense, and analyse information about a supply chain. It enhances an executive’s ability to reason through business outcomes and prescribes the best course of action for focusing an organization on the highest impact activities. Modelling a supply chain is, at best, a complex endeavour, because in doing so we model an organization’s processes, costs, and objectives. Global supply chains that cross multiple geographies, cultures, and currencies add to the challenge.

Sample Reports:

SCM Summary Report:This report contains the information of whole SCM department at a glance. It contains inventory status (reorder, on order, overstated, discontinued, no action taken) analysis in interactive pie chart. It also visualizes no of products vs. Inventory level analysis. [pdf]

Sales and Inventory Analysis:

It contains product category wise sales and inventory Analysis. User can drill on product category for product level information under that product category. On drill level this report visualizes product wise quantity sold and average stock level information. [pdf]

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