HR Intelligent Reporting

Euthenics have a prepackaged advance Intelligent Reporting & Analytical Solution for HR department for SAP and Non SAP users named as HRMiS (Human Resource Management Intelligence Solution) HRMIS is a set of solutions and services developed by Euthenics with active involvement of HR process experts from different industry verticals.HRMiS is Corporate Performance Management Solution that helps HR Departments to analyze and manage HR activities across the Organization by providing access to accurate, timely, comprehensive information to make better Corporate Strategic Decisions.

Sample Reports:

Absenteeism Trend Analysis:To measure the exact productivity and man power loss due absenteeism is a big challenge for any organization. So absenteeism trend analysis plays key role for planning of productivity and manpower. This report contains month wise absenteeism Trend and manpower loss analysis. When you drill on any particular month it will give the department wise detail analysis for absenteeism and man days lost. By using our enterprise reports can be schedule and integrate with any portal. [pdf]

Performance Appraisal Report:Performance Appraisal analysis report are helpful to understand each employee’s abilities, competencies and relative merit and worth for the organization. Performance Analysis contains Month wise, Department wise no. of Employees vs no. of appraisal analysis and appraisal impact Analysis. User can view any live reports on his desktop using information widget tool. [pdf]

Attrition Analysis:Attrition is very important key factor for any company. This report give a lot of detail information related to attrition like department wise, age group wise and experience wise no of exited employees attrition trend and comparative analysis. It also contains attrition reason wise exited employee trend analysis. [pdf]

Employee Summary Analysis:
This report shows department wise employee analysis with all the summary information like company code, Department code, Employee code, Name, Grade and other Information in interactive view. [pdf]

Manpower summary Analysis:
Manpower summary report visualizes month wise total manpower at beginning and end of the month in interactive view. In Detail Analysis user can see the department wise manpower analysis with no of new joiners, no of transfers, no of retirements for a particular month. [pdf]

Monthly Attendance Report:
This Analysis contains month wise department wise attendance summary trend analysis. It includes detail analysis of working days, leave taken by the particular employee. [pdf]

Salary and Wage Analysis Report:
This report gives department wise actual vs. Budgeted salary comparative analysis, when you click on any department, it will give designation wise salary detail analysis for that particular department. [pdf]

Turn Over Summary Report:This report visualizes the total termination, transfers for different years and quarters.User can select the year and quarter as per his requirement of analysis. It is also showing tenure analysis for voluntary turnover, involuntary turnover and transfer. It also give termination date wise voluntary turnover, involuntary turnover and transfers with trend analysis.It includes top 5 summary reports for voluntary termination business unit wise, designation

wise and reason wise. [pdf]

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