Finance and Banking Intelligent Reporting

Euthenics have a prepackaged advance Intelligent Reporting & Analytical Solution for Finance department for SAP and Non SAP users named as FACTiS (Financial Accounting Consolidation Intelligence Solution) .FACT iS is a critical foundation for organization’s performance management activities, statutory consolidation that provides CFO offices with the processing power, agility, and breadth of analysis needed to complete financial consolidation and reporting cycles faster with full process control and data transparency to simulate unlimited scenarios that address all performance management requirements.

Sample Reports:

Executive Analysis:This report is very useful for top level professionals like CFO, because it visualizes the all financial indicators of company like debt and capital ratio, productivity indicators, sales indicators, profitability indicators and resource management and efficiency indicators at single screen. User can select the year and company for which he wants to show the analysis. All indicators is connected with details analysis reports for more information

Balance Sheet Analysis:This report is showing Balance sheet in very interactive View. This report contains two sections. First one is detailed analysis and second one is drill mode analysis. In detailed analysis it shows the all type of assets, liabilities and equities with including all the financial particulars. In Drill mode analysis User can see all details in charts by using drill down.

Profit And Loss Analysis:This report contains all last 12 months profit and expense comparative and trend analysis. When user drills on any month, we can show detail level of analysis for profit and expenses.

Income Statement Analysis:

This report gives a lot of analysis of Revenue, Expense and profit for a particular company and period based on input values (prompts) given by user. In Graphical analysis section user can view all the analysis by using charts and he can drill down for more analysis by directly using charts.

Trial Balance Report:

This report includes the trial balance analysis in tabular format as well as graphical format. In detail level analysis report visualizes the graphical as well as tabular analysis for each financial particular. User can do adhoc reporting by using our reporting tools as per his requirement.

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