This tool brings together the simplicity and speed of search capabilities with the trust and analytical power of BI to give BUSINESS users immediate answers to their business questions. Your business users employ familiar keyword searches to find information hidden in data sources, and then navigate and explore directly on datano existing reports and metrics are necessary.

This tool allows users to enter keyword searches against data stores and get results back in the form of reports, dashboards and visualizations. They can subsequently dig into subsets of information, such as the type of products that sold the most in a particular month. Such in ERP environment, when there are huge amount of reports and dashboards existing, this tool makes this task on single click of button.
So by use of this tool we provide the information search and discovery for decision Makers and Managers that empowers timely decisions.

Start by entering a few search keywords
View results then explore via an exploration panel
Automatically chooses and generates the best chart an Trend Analysis
Results are sharable via email and other formats across the Business Users
Information is secure and trustworthy
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