SAP Business Objects

Transforming business intelligence
With the goal of expanding the reach and impact of BI software within enterprises of all sizes, SAP Business Objects is reinventing how people engage with and benefit from powerful, easy-to-use BI tools. As one of the world’s leading providers of BI software, SAP Business Objects is using the Adobe Flash Platform to transform user experiences with its popular Xcelsius and Explorer solutions by delivering software with dynamic dashboards, next-generation visualization capabilities, and highly intuitive data search and filtering capabilities.
“We are going beyond the traditional pool of BI power users and enabling more executives and managers to leverage BI tools every day,” says James Thomas, vice president of product marketing for SAP Business Objects. “With BI tools based on the Adobe Flash Platform, business users can quickly access and analyze enterprise data to better understand the business without assistance from IT or business analysts.”


A BI leader
SAP solidified its position in the BI market in 2007 with the acquisition of Business Objects, a company offering several market-leading BI solutions and having more than 42,000 customers worldwide. The SAP Business Objects portfolio is extensive, including Xcelsius, which allows users to transform static enterprise data from virtually any source into rich, dynamic views, and Explorer, which provides users with an intuitive path to quickly search and explore data.
To provide customers with unparalleled user experiences and access to tools, the company regularly develops on the Adobe Flash Platform. “When we looked at our customer base, we saw that the Adobe Flash Player was on 98% of Internet-connected desktops,” says Thomas. “With the Flash Platform, we could easily reach as broad an audience as possible using an environment that was already very familiar to our developers.”


Redefining how customers work with business data
With a focus on delivering enhanced customer experiences, SAP Business Objects is setting new standards for interactivity in the BI industry. Instead of simply slicing and dicing data or presenting data in static tables, the company’s applications leverage the Adobe Flash Platform to enable users to work in highly visual, slide-and-dial environments that are much more engaging and efficient.
“Using our BI applications is more like driving a car, whereas with other tools, users might feel like they are trying to fix an engine,” says Thomas. “Our users tell us it’s easy to find and explore data. With our solutions, virtually anyone can analyze business information.”
Today, SAP Business Objects is routinely adding new components and widgets, or integrating other environments such as Google Maps into its applications to further enhance user experiences. “Increasingly, our customers expect to access to a wider range of BI capabilities, anytime and anyplace,” says Thomas. “We need to be flexible enough to meet their needs, delivering dynamic BI tools that go with them wherever they go.”


Components of SAP Business Objects Product Suite
Rather than being one independent tool, SAP Business Objects delivers a comprehensive suite of products that provide business intelligence functionality to empower user to make effective, informed decisions based on solid data and analysis. All users, from the high-end analyst to the casual business user, are enabled with access to the information they need. Capabilities within the SAP Business Objects product suite include operational reporting, ad-hoc query and analysis, exploration, visualization, dashboards, and related middleware. Moreover, the main way that data is sourced from a database is through a middleware or semantic layer known as a universe and dashboards access data from the universe through either QAAWS or BI Web Services integration devices.


Components of SAP Business Objects Product Suite

  • Operational Reporting: Crystal Reports
  • Ad Hoc Query and Analysis: Web Intelligence (WebI)
  • Data Exploration: Explorer
  • Dashboards: Xcelsius
  • Database Middleware: Universes
  • Dashboard Integration: QAAWS, BI Web Services

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