Supply Chain Intelligence(SCMiS)

Supply Chain Intelligence Solution is a suite of analytical solution that integrate unique analytic insights, existing IT investments and operational data to drive revenue, Demand Driven Forecasting and reduce operational costs. From forecasting, inventory optimization and pricing, to purchasing and replenishment, key analytical solution enable organizations to match profitability goals with strategically defined customer service and quality levels.


The analytical information will support in Strategies & Tactical Decisions to achieve the organizational business goals.


Supply Chain Intelligence Solution delivers a critical advantage to business by turning data into intelligence knowledge, enabling companies to provide unique demand forecasting, supply, and operational and customer insights. As a result, companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall supply chain, thus maximizing their own profits at optimal levels of customer satisfaction
Supply Chain Intelligence Solutions enable to streamline and manage the supply chain activities at its most basic level – satisfying your customers with high quality products and services, while maximizing your organization’s profits.


Demand Forecasting: Supply Chain Intelligence provides market-driven planning through accurate demand forecasting and optimal inventory replenishment planning and pricing strategies. It provides a holistic view of the influences and immediate effects of consumer demand by exploring and leveraging the interrelationships to arrive at a unified strategy for meeting consumer demand most profitably.


Supplier Relationship Management: Supply Chain Intelligence delivers an integrated set of data management and analytic applications that work with existing operational data and systems to gather analyze and leverage all aspects of supplier data and purchasing history, thereby optimizing strategic sourcing and achieving significant cost savings.


Sourcing Data Quality:Supply Chain Intelligence Solution provides accurate, detailed, comprehensive information to help to reduce commodity spend without increasing risk. Supply Chain Intelligence Solution will enable you to normalize your supplier information for more accurate measurement, leverage third-party information for supplier enrichment and ensure your suppliers are accurately and consistently named.


Spend Analysis:Supply Chain Intelligence helps to reduce enterprise spend across suppliers and commodities by providing increased visibility into procurement information. With it you can leverage corporate buying power for cost-savings and identify ways to buy more effectively from valued suppliers.


Procurement Scorecard:Supply Chain Intelligence helps to set measure and manage procurement strategies that are aligned with corporate goals based on information from all the procurement systems throughout the enterprise. You can create and maintain scorecards for individual suppliers and the entire procurement organization, measuring performance against procurement-specific KPIs. These capabilities help you reduce total spend and supplier risk, and ensure supplier quality, on-time delivery and performance.


Sourcing Strategy: Supply Chain Intelligenceuses operations research techniques to add balance and flexibility to the supplier evaluation process. It employs user-defined business rules to narrow your list of suppliers and recommend how much to spend with each one to best achieve your procurement goals.

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