Restaurant Intelligence(RMiS)
“Deliver quality improvement, customer satisfaction and higher profits with RMIS”

  • The success or failure of a restaurant depends on whether it makes the most of an important trend or misses the opportunity. To avail the business opportunities restaurants need to respond to frequently changing purchasing habits and tastes; in some markets, standard menus must be tailored to accommodate local preferences. Managers at the unit, district, regional, or corporate levels often do not have access to up-to-date information and other key performance indicators. Individual restaurants, even those that are part of national chains, can end up being managed as business islands.
  • Advance Reporting & Analytic Intelligent Solution is widely used and recognized intelligent solution for restaurant management by industries leaders like McDonald’s, Burger King, SUBWAY etc. provided by Euthenics IT Services Pvt. Ltd. Euthenics IT has acquired leadership and competency in delivering industry and department specific Business Intelligence solutions through its solution partnering with global industry leaders like Business Objects, SAS, and Soffront CRM, USA; and leading institutes like Indian Institute of Business Intelligence.
  • Advance Reporting & Analytic Intelligent Solution proposes the Business Intelligence solution for Corporate Performance Management, Planning, Tracking and aligning the business activities for performance enhancement to compete with established brands, by emphasizing the importance of Consistent Quality with motto “Quality Must Always Precede Quantity” and the ability to meet business targets from product yield and sales to cleanliness, restaurant quality and restaurant initiatives with local community by managing its operations as well as maintaining quality of the services by cost effective solution through Cost Reduction and proper Resource Management. To ensure full control over restaurant’s day-to-day functioning, Advance Reporting & Analytic Intelligent Solution tracks the performance of restaurant’s Sales, Revenues, Customers and Items by presenting in simple, understandable, analytical and intelligent reporting solution with better visualization for on demand access, through web, mobiles and PDAs, to critical business information quickly to manage restaurant business.
  • With volumes of granular data, restaurateurs need to be able to analyse business performance quickly to respond to an ever-changing business requirement, Advance Reporting & Analytic Intelligent Solution gives food service management solution to analyse and collaborate on unit performance in real time, improve efficiency, lower costs, and identify key business trends to help keep them ahead of their competition.
  • Advance Reporting & Analytic Intelligent Solution helps executives and managers across the restaurant hierarchy to maximize operational effectiveness, spend less time navigating vast worksheets and databases, dedicate more time to strategic thinking, stay ahead of competition and thus have more time. Advance Reporting & Analytic Intelligent Solution drives the decisions of organizations of all scales by bringing insights across the organizations through comprehensive intelligence solution to multi-unit restaurant chains through easy-to-use tools that save time and get you right to the issues that impact business performance.
  • Advance Reporting & Analytic Intelligent Solution helps decision makers to access critical business information to recommend deep insights for business process across restaurant hierarchy by collecting and analyzing business data, to address the scalability, security, and other operational needs of restaurants and helps to develop resources and skills for performance enhancement by predicting hidden business threats through effective forecasting.
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