Port Intelligence(PMiS)
Port Management Intelligence Solution (PMIS) provides real-time, accurate and comprehensive view of the port as well as terminals to align Corporate Port & Terminal Strategies with current business operations to gain better ROI through Performance Measurement Metrics to help terminal Operations Managers and decision makers for Better Vessels Planning as well as Resource Planning.


Port Management Intelligence Solution will improves terminal efficiency by enabling managers and staff to stay focused on operational goals, identify emerging issues, and provides drill down capabilities to identify root causes in real-time. It will monitor all the port & terminal process oriented KPIs in real time that helps decision makers to take right decision at the right time.


Terminal & Port operation managers can view a dashboard that contains Port & Terminal-wide performance indicators, such as vessel performance, yard utilization, truck turnaround time, unit dwell time, facility TEUs; while vessel planners can view a dashboard that contains detailed information for a specific vessel on berth and its associated crane productivity and get indicators and real time alerts that helps better utilization of resource.


Interactive, customizable and easy-to-use Port Management Intelligence Solution, allows terminal operation managers to overcome the terminal challenges with Corporate Performance Management through analytical insights on Gate Movement Analysis, Vessel Productivity Analysis, Overall Productivity Analysis, Truck Turnaround Time Analysis, Yard Inventory Productivity Analysis, Container Movement Analysis.


The analytical information will support in Strategies & Tactical Decisions to achieve the organizational business goals.


Port Management Intelligence Solution provides the real time business intelligence analytics, critical to growth and profitability. Port Management Intelligence Solution empowers corporate terminal development with the information needed for the yard & vessel planning. With Port Management Intelligence solution, business operational users can get the analytical Dashboards, scorecards, intelligence Reports with timely alerts and further they can schedule the critical information for decision makers to take timely and accurate decision to avoid any unforeseen situation.


PMIS supports Strategic Decision Making through Analytical Dashboards, Balanced Scorecard, through KPI & KRA based terminal performance and Vessel Productivity.


PMIS– Analytical Dashboards & Analytical Reports – that empowers Port industries with the Port Intelligence methodologies and solution that help business users to communicate their strategy and align terminal performance with operational goals to achieve the organizational objectives.


Through PMIS, any port can increased productivity and complete utilization of resources across the terminal.


PMIS helps terminals for effective vessel Planning, utilizing per vessel productivity & performance analysis and evaluation across the organization through KPI, KRA based analysis for Performance Management.


For easiness of understanding and operating of port, PMIS is divided into different functions. The focus has been on covering all-important functions as per the terminal process. The overall Port Management Intelligence solution ensures an easy scaling of the multiple terminal functions as per the industry requirements. PMIS helps the ports to track, align and measure the comparative Corporate Performance to achieve business goals and helps for:

  • Corporate Performance Management: Top executives can get the entire view of port in a single view. They can understand about all the collective parameters to know about what is happening in the terminal and what is the progress?
  • Truck Turnaround Time (TTT) Analysis: It allows executives to understand the collective Truck Turnaround Time of Trucks by Gate, by Truck, by container and container size. Executives can further analyze Truck wise results by comparing their 12 months truck turnaround time by their container type and size.
  • Gate Movement Analysis: It allows executives to understand about the Gate Movement Analysis in a single screen with Import & Export container movement gate wise.
  • Container Movement Analysis: It allows executives to understand about the Container Movement Impact analysis by container size. Executives can further analyze commodity wise, creator wise, size wise.
  • QC wise performance Analysis: It allows executives to monitor the performance of the QC and based on QC it will also show the performance of the RTGs belongs to that particular QC.
  • Yard Inventory performance AnalysisIt allows executives to understand about the yard inventory analysis by container movement analysis. Executives can further analyze gate wise results of how many containers are in yard.
  • Vessel Productivity Analysis: : It allows executives to understand about the Vessel Productivity Analysis including hourly comparison of container movement with load and unload event.
  • Productivity Analysis: This interactive, visual model allows executives to understand about the RTG and QC productivity. It will give the analysis on load, unload and total performance ratio of RTG/QC in last one hour.

PMIS helps the port to plan, implement, administer and evaluate the business process to define terminal and port strategy through analytical & predictive modeling business drivers.

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