Financial Intelligence(FACTiS)

Your Financial Insight Across the Organization on your Desktop

Unleashing the hidden potential from your existing Financial System

FACTis provides the foundation for Financial Intelligent Solutions to facilitates Strategic and Operational Decision Making, Corporate Compliance Management, Cost & Profitability Analysis, Incentive Compensation Management, Reconciliation of Statement, Planning – Budgeting and Costing Analysis and Regulatory Compliance, for Financial Consolidation and Book Closing by utilizing predefined Analytics and core Financial Process Architecture for complete integration of intelligent solution across the Enterprise.

FACTis , an Analytical Intelligence Solution, provides the ability to Consolidate and Reconcile the financial statements in the increasingly complex, vast, and international realm of Corporate Financial Management to deliver coherent financial statements that, everyone from Shareholders to Financial Management officers, can contribute for Financial Success of your business.

FACTis, an Analytical Intelligence Solution, leverages the financial information, from Application Environment like Tally, FICO-SAP, ERP, CRM, BAAN, Legacy Application and any other data sources, to present Decision Makers (CFO/Finance Head/Manager Finance/Operation Head/SBU Head & CEO) with Clear, Actionable and Informative Guidelines through a single interface using Visual Analytical Intelligent Solution.

FACTis, a customized Financial Intelligence Solution, helps the Senior & Middle Management Team, with focused understanding on financial intelligence concepts like Cost and Profitability Analysis, Financial Consolidation, Incentive Compensation Management, Reconciliation of Statement, Planning – Budgeting and Costing Analysis, Corporate Compliance Management etc. to achieve the operational goals of the Organization alining Strategic Decision-Making and Goal Achievement, and to effectively track, manage and improve Corporate Performance.
Are you able to address following critical business issues?

  • Are you able to align plans and budgets with actual results and analyzing business trends?
  • Are you able to monitor key financial metrics and ratios with a focus on DSO, liquidity, cash flow, receivables and payables, and profitability?
  • Are you able to minimizing administrative burden of manual processes involved with spreadsheets?
  • Are you able to align financial performance with incentive compensation to your employees?
  • Are you able to manage complex compliance environments targeting potential material events?
  • Are you able to outline the Strategy of the Organization and align it with Business Plans?
  • Are you able to explain the basics of the Income Statement?
  • Are you able to define the Organization’s Key Measures and describe their Impact on the Actual Performance of the Organization?

“Our goal is to offer financial accounting consolidation intelligence tools and solutions, to manage and improve the corporate performance, which offers unmatched ability to support Business Decisions & to improve Strategic Policies.”

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