Textile & Garments Export

Euthenic Group has developed ERP System for Textiles and Garment industry.

  • It streamlines all the processes involved in an export house.
  • The system tracks every stage of production and emphasizes aspects like fabrics, samples, styles, and sizes etc. that are unique to this industry.


Various processes of the Textile and Garment industry facilitated are:


The system performs sales-order monitoring during entire production cycle. It ensures accurate calculation of material requirements and payments. This proves very useful when the requirement is to be determined for mass production. It reduces the time and error during calculation.



The system prepares the production plan and schedule. It monitors the production activity at every stage. These control activities ensure quality of the process and the product.


Purchase and Inventory

The system checks the existing stock level of fabric and other accessories before placing the order. Complete details of the incoming material are recorded by the system. This improves the inventory management, which is a major cost element in Garment industry.



The system keeps a track of the complete process of sampling. It maintains an electronic inventory of the fabric designs. This inventory provides a ready choice to the customers and also the ease to modify the design. The system also monitors fabric and accessories development and sampling department’s productivity.


Documentation and Shipment

The system supports pre-shipment and post-shipment documentation and weekly shipment schedules. It increases the documentation quality and time.


Human Resource

Euthenic maintains the complete information about the employees. This vital information enables managers to determine the payroll and measures to improve workforce productivity.



Financial Transactions like Cash, Sales, Purchase, bank negotiation and realization etc. are maintained by the system.



The system monitors the movement and maintenance of machinery and infrastructure.


Key Advantages:-

  • The system ensures increase in productivity.
  • It reduces uncertainties in the order execution process due to availability of updated and concise information.
  • The system improves inventory management and reduces paper work.
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