Procurement Management

Procurement Management for Industrial, Institutional & Government Buyers

Euthenics IT provides a comprehensive platform for industrial, institutional and government buyers that feature a web-based technology solution that can help streamline and manage the procurement process of their products and services. Buyers gain greater efficiency and cost-savings by being able to electronically communicate pertinent information directly to their suppliers and other trading partners. Plus, the Tendercity platform is fully PKI enabled and compliant and features multiple layers of security with the latest system technology for intrusion detection and prevention .Features The Tendercity procurement platform is a suite of electronic services that feature:

Streamlines electronic transaction process for supplier registration and pre-qualification, bid submission, evaluation, negotiation and contract acceptance and award.

Comprehensive forward and reverse auction capability which includes: transformation bidding, index bidding and rank bidding.
Online vendor catalogues that give buyers powerful catalogue search and comparative analysis capability, as well as the ability to place orders with vendors and manage existing contracts online.


  • Allows all tendering, procurement & auctioning activities online
  • Streamlines & offers greater control of procurement processes
  • Better analysis & reporting of procurement spending data
  • Wider reach to larger group of suppliers & trading partners
  • Better and more competitive pricing from suppliers
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