Laboratory Management Intelligence Solution

Pathology laboratories need to provide fast, accurate, up to the minute results and a high level of customer service. Applitech Solution has created an EnGross ERP Laboratory Management Intelligence Solution (ELMS) to meet clinical and business needs. ELMS is an enterprise wide solution, which pro-actively supports the establishment of standards for the laboratory activities by:
Speeding up the Laboratory Operations
Providing prompt customer service.

ELMS Primary Program Modules:


Laboratory Operations
ELMS provides a computerized system for sample collection and administration. It integrates customized barcode program. This reduces the labor-intensive processing and the time to deliver the test results and interpretation. The system provides security at all levels to verify the accuracy of results.


Inventory Management
The system views stock balance at various locations and units. This eliminates excess stock and stock-out situations. The system also keeps track of various items consumed by different departments. This keeps a check on the consumption pattern and avoids wastage.


Client Services
The clients can extract information related to the status and results of the test from the system. The interpretation of result is also provided by the system. The system maintains the required information so as to decide the date of receipt and delivery of samples. Billing The System keeps track of advances received for the tests and prepares the invoices for different client categories.


Sales and Marketing
The department defines various client categories, the pricing policy for these categories, the sales target for the employees and their performance. The activities of the sales personnel and details of clients visited are captured in the system through various reports to improve productivity by ensuring optimum efforts.


Collection Center
Collection centers act as a conduit between client and the main lab. This module automates the activities of the collection center while integrating them with the central database. It also provides web interfacing to facilitate exchange of information between central lab and center.


The system prepares the required individual and consolidated reports for Laboratory Operations, Materials Management, Marketing and Billing function.


Key Advantages of ELMS:-

  • Provides interface with the computerized machines for testing.
  • The system improves the quality of patient care by ensuring immediate access to patient blood type and cross matching with the entire inventory.
  • Provides user definable clinical reporting facility – single test reports, cumulative reports, summary reports etc.
  • Performs complete audit of all test result details.
  • Provide access to test and administrative information from multiple locations.
  • Remote Login & printing facility for retrieval of test reports erases wait for printed reports
  • Collection center simplifies collection of test requests, reports, invoicing and inventory.
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