Integrated ERP Solution

EnGross ERP Intelligence Solution

Role of EnGross – An Intelligent ERP Solution, in Business Success

In today’s fast paced business environment, Industries face a variety of competitive pressures as Industries strive to attract and retain customers while operating profitably in a global marketplace.


EnGross – An Intelligent ERP Solution is the foundation for superior, long-term functional depth and breadth, which provides key advantages to Organization’s success and helps to accomplish Strategic Business Goals and to align Business Policies.


EnGross – An Intelligent ERP Solution improves your operations; deployed strategically it scales to meet the enterprise-wide needs of global corporations through it’s a cost-effective platform for managing divisions or individual factories.


EnGross – An Intelligent ERP Solution meets business requirement for a comprehensive, integrated, and flexible solution to manage all operations— from product design, estimation, sales and procurement to production, Costing, order management and post-sale service.


EnGross – An Intelligent ERP Solution is the next-generation of enterprise solutions; which addresses the pressing business issues that industries face today such as the coordination of supply chains, management of complex product lifecycles, and growth of profitable service offerings.

EnGross – An Intelligent ERP Solution streamlines operations within the four walls and beyond, and integrates disparate internal systems, eliminates functional silos, and brings closer to customers and suppliers.


Advantages of EnGross


EnGross – An Intelligent ERP Solution delivers value to businesses at all levels. On a Strategic Level, ENGROSS supports executive management with long-term planning requirements. On a Tactical Level, the program assists mid-tier management with production planning and inventory control. And, on an Operational Level, ENGROSS supports day-to-day business processes.


The advantages of EnGross – An Intelligent ERP Solution are enormous. For example, you can respond quickly and accurately to customer demands, compress both cycle times and information flow throughout Organization, transform your business into a lean organization, and allow demand to trigger downstream production and procurement activities. Naturally, all of these benefits eliminate costs while improving your standing with customers and against competitors.

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