Agrobased Intelligence Solution

Euthenic Group is an enterprise resource planning solution that has been specifically pre-configured to suite the complex process requirements of a food / edible oil manufacturing unit. It truly integrates the procurement, production and the distribution chain. With a centralized / distributed database, the application ensures rapid and easy access to support key operations and decision making. It also helps in procurement via sauda and tracking of deliveries with automated deductions. It monitors production and keeps a track of stock movement. It is a practical application that promotes information sharing, automates work flow, improves service delivery and supports Short term as well as long term planning.



  • Finance & Accounting – Sauda Condition Online Impact
  • Stores/Warehouse – Freight Accounting with in transit
  • Purchase & Logistics – Bardana Accounting
  • Sales & Marketing – Agent / Adat Accounting
  • Production Planning – Sauda-based Transaction Tracking
  • Quality Management – Market Rate and Sauda Analysis
  • Maintenance Management – Auxiliary expense accounting
  • HR & Payroll – Vatav handling


  • Strategic business decision.
  • Season based analysis.
  • Huge improvements in operations.
  • Optimum utilization.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Better customer services.
  • Better response time.
  • Effective communication.
  • Easy and online access to information.
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