Construction Intelligence(CiS)
Construction Intelligence Solution (CIS) allows decision makers and executives to gain real-time, enterprise-wide visibility into the entire business including projects and property clients, business units and market regions. Extremely configurable and flexible, CIS allows construction firms to establish one corporate process methodology for all projects, or to implement and maintain different process requirements by client or project.To really achieve efficient day-to-day control and management of labor costs, project scope changes, material costs, field service work orders, and other operating activities, you need integrated information systems.

Key Challenges in Construction Sector

  • Improve overall business according to the changing market trends
  • Real-time access to profitability, productivity and performance
  • Efficient Analysis of data for Decision-making
  • Top Executives are not getting required information at the right time
  • Unable to get a consolidated analytical report
  • Unable to get quick and easy reports related to customers, vendors and suppliers as per the business requirements
  • Unable to obtain miscellaneous information regarding:
    • Liquidity
    • Cash flow
    • Labor productivity
    • Schedule variance
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Timely project Monitoring and tracking
    • Cost and Time Analysis for construction projects
    • Quality & MIS.
  • Unable to get a consolidated analytical report
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