Ceramic Intelligence solution

Ceramic Intelligence Solution provides the required performance oversight to the management which helps in optimizing the overall business in a single view. Ceramic Intelligence Solution (CiS) aligns and connects the entire organization with their goals and roles. CiS helps business executives as well as decision makers to set clear goals and work towards achieving them. CIS assures the necessary performance effectiveness

Ceramic Intelligence Solution combines the management process in a single, interactive and collaborative work space. Scorecards, Dashboards, Analytics and reports can improve finance, sales, operations and workforce. Ceramic Intelligence Solution can reduce planning, forecasting and reporting time through data capture and analysis. It integrates business strategies, business measures and business actions.

Ceramic Intelligence Solution will help business users to track, monitor their day to day business performance, increasing the productivity, control the losses, and take timely decisions to avoid any surprises across the organization through management portal, Advance Analytics, scorecard, enterprise intelligence report across various industry verticals.

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