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At Euthenics IT, we always strive through research to search and deliver the best technology and management solutions as per market and business need.Euthenics Business Intelligence products help organizations optimize management processes by providing organizations with a platform that allows management to communicate and drive decisions by setting targets and assign accountability related to the execution of strategy, operational performance, risk, regulatory compliance, process and quality management
Our industry and institute researchers evaluate for your industry the best in COTS (commercial out-of-the shelf) Software Applications and customized technology solutions that can evolve as road-map solutions leading to sustained long-term ROI and delaying technological obsolesce.
We bring to you world leading end-to-end business intelligence solutions from SAP Business Objects (USA), SAS, and leading mid-market CRM solutions from CRM BI (USA).
Partner Product
Euthenics IT is one of the oldest partner of SAP Business Objects. BusinessObjects XI is the first and only business intelligence (BI) suite to deliver a complete set of BI capabilities: superior reporting, query and analysis, enterprise performance management (EPM), and enterprise information management (EIM). BusinessObjects XI helps you track performance, understand business drivers, and manage your business.
Euthenics BI Products:
Our Restaurant Management Intelligent Solution(RMiS)is widely used and recognized intelligent solution for restaurant management by industries leaders like McDonald’s, Burger King, SUBWAY etc. provided by Euthenics IT Services Pvt. Ltd. Euthenics IT has acquired leadership and competency in delivering industry and department specific Business Intelligence solutions through its solution partnering with global industry leaders like SAP Business Objects, SAS, and CRM BI, USA; and leading institutes like Indian Institute of Business Intelligence.
Telecom Management Intelligence Solutions (TMiS) for complete Telecom Process analysis and reporting in near real-time leading to increased productivity and complete utilization of human capital across the organization. These solutions help Telecom Heads closely align the workforce with the management goals and deliver a decisive role in achieving business goals.
Our Port Management Intelligence Solution(PMiS)addresses all the challenges by providing comprehensive terminal solutions for real-time planning, management and control of port and terminal operations and inter-modal facilities. Business Intelligence terminal solutions provide immediate visibility to critical data so you can make better strategic decisions.
Our Construction Intelligence Solution (CiS) allows you to quickly see and understand the view project costs and schedules from any level to determine overall, real-time business and financial impacts. Senior management gains real-time operational visibility and the ability to establish key performance indicators for the entire portfolio of projects and programs.
Our Supply Chain Management Intelligence Solution (SCMiS) delivers a critical advantage to business by turning data into knowledge, enabling companies to develop unique demand, supply, operational and customer insights. As a result, companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall supply chain, thus maximizing their own profits at optimal levels of customer satisfaction.
Core Products

  • SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence products for end-to-end enterprise wide Business
    Intelligence solutions
  • SAS Business Intelligence products for end-to-end enterprise wide Business Intelligence Solution
  • Soffront CRM (Customer Resources Management) Products for complete sales, marketing, and
    customer portal automation
  • Customized (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning suite fulfilling industry and department specific

Through our COTS and customized product offerings we address complete enterprise-wide MIS (Management Information Systems) solutions.

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