Fuels Management Solution for Retail

Online Fuels Management for Commercial & Retail Industries
The Euthenic Groups FuelPilot program provides commercial industrial and large retail industries with a streamlined, consolidated solution to manage all activities associated with purchasing, storing and delivering fuel. The system delivers the tools and functionality to truly optimize and manage fuel inventories and deliveries, while minimizing associated costs. From the import of supplier pricing and message feeds to management of tank inventories, dispatch and reconciliation, FuelPilot can handle just about any fuel management need. Features A fully scalable and customizable solution, FuelPilot enables clients to centrally manage multiple fuel suppliers (including contract management), locations, tanks and inventories, reducing transaction complexity and maximizing their bottom line.

Program features include:

  • Ability to import supplier pricing directly or via 3rd party
  • Ability to base fuel deliveries on “best-buy” decision making
  • Ability to track orders and dispatches by status
  • Ability to monitor and manage tank inventories to forecast
  • Fuel needs and eliminate product run outs
  • Ability to monitor and manage supplier contracts Benefits
  • Reduced transaction complexity and associated costs
  • Centralized management of all fuel locations, tanks and inventories
  • Best-buy decision making to maximize your bottom line
  • Greater visibility and control fuel procurement processes
  • ERP integration capability
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