Certified Marketing Intelligence professional

Certified Marketing Intelligence Professional

Course Description:
The course is for managers who will be using market research information rather than doing “marketing research.” It is intended for people wanting to go into marketing management, consulting, and entrepreneurship. Participants will learn about the sorts of marketing decision problems in which research information might prove useful — problems of selection of target market, new product or service introduction, customer retention, pricing, etc.
Course Deliverables:

  • Understand the components of a market intelligence system
  • Create a robust market intelligence process
  • Gather meaningful information about your competitors, customers and prospects, and your micro- and macro-business environments
  • Plan your organization’s operational strategy more effectively, allowing you to respond more rapidly to the changes taking place in the market.
  • Collect knowledge — not just data — from the Internet
  • Develop questionnaires that eliminate bias and accurately reflect your customers’ beliefs, preferences and intentions
  • Construct relevant statistical analyses
  • Make market intelligence an important component of your strategic planning process

Delivery mode:

  • Instructor Led
  • E-Learning

Course Duration: 3 Months
Recommended participant size: 5
Who should attend:
Decision makers who need competitive information for strategic and tactical decisions. Executives, directors and corporate analysts who want to find new market opportunities. Directors of marketing, business development or planning, and market research leaders who want to understand the applications of marketing research.

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