Certified Financial Intelligence Professional

certified financial intelligence professional

Course Description:
This course will help you for the Strategic and Operational Decision Making, Corporate Compliance Management, Cost & Profitability Analysis, Incentive Compensation Management, Reconciliation of Statement, Planning – Budgeting and Costing Analysis and Regulatory Compliance, for Financial Consolidation and Book Closing by understanding Financial Process Architecture.
Course Deliverables:

  • How to determine your competitors’ cost structure
  • Works with inventories, accounts receivable and payable
  • Identify areas of the business in need of improvement and evaluate alternative strategies for business impact and greater profit
  • Understand reporting, planning, and analysis processes to access the information you need and close the gap between strategy and execution
  • How to achieve operational excellence by identifying and eliminating the most crippling costs to your business and focusing on areas that deliver the most profit
  • How to exploit key financial and nonfinancial performance indicators and benchmarking data to enhance your company’s results and improve its market share
  • How to improve regulatory compliance by closely aligning your risk-based processes with your corporate strategy and the continuous and automated monitoring of controls
  • How to cut costs, improve your business processes, and enhance your stakeholder relationships, while advancing the brand, lowering cost of capital, increasing market demand, and optimizing opportunities for growth

Delivery mode:

  • Instructor Led
  • E Learning

Course Duration: 3 Months
Recommended participant size: 5
Who should attend:
Managers or Executives, who want to enhance their ability to read, understand and manipulate the information contained in their company’s financial statements and the financial statements of their competitors. Excellent program for the new business analyst as well as a good review for experienced CI practitioners.

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