SAP Bussiness Object Training

Euthenics IT Services Private Ltd is Enterprise solution provider Partner, Consulting Partner and first and oldest SAP Business Objects Training & Education Partner in India, and have trained more than 5000 end users and corporate professional and covered more than 70 corporate through it’s Instructor Led training(ILT) program and Instructor Led Virtual Classroom Training program (ILVCT) at Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and also imparted SAP Business Objects Training and education to international clients at Australia,Canada,China,Bangladesh,Japan, New Zealand, Srilanka,USA,UK etc

SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.0/3.1
BOCP-BOE Universe Design
Administrating users and content (BOE 310) Universe Design (BOU 310)
Administrating Servers (BOE 320) Advanced Universe Design (BOU 320)
Design and deploy a solution (BOE 330) Web Intelligence
Data Services Report Design (BOW310)
Data Quality – Core Concepts (BOQ 300) Advanced Report Design (BOW 320)
Data Integrator – Core Concepts (BOI 300) Desktop Intelligence
Data Federator – Designing On-Demand (BOT 315) Report Design (BOR 310)
SAP BusinessObjects Explorer BOCP-CR
BW – Enterprise Data Warehousing (BW310) Fundamentals of Report Design (BOC 310)
BW – Performance and Administration(BW 360) Business Reporting Solutions (BOC 320)
Crystal Xcelsius Report design strategies(BOC 330)
Core & Connectivity (BOX 310) Voyager
Live Office Voyager XI 3.0(BV 305)
Live Office XI 3.0 (BLO 305) Voyager XI 3.0/3.1(BV 315)
Live Office XI 3.0/3.1 (BLO 315)  


Migration Courses
Migrating from BusinessObjects 5.x & 6.x to BusinessObjects XI 3.0/3.1(BOE 350)
Migrating from BusinessObjects 5.x & 6.x to BusinessObjects XI/XI R2(BOE 250)


SAP BusinessObjects XI R2
Administrating users and content (BOE 210) Fundamentals of Report Design (BOC 210)
Administrating Servers (BOE 220) Business Reporting Solutions (BOC 220)
Design and deploy a solution (BOE 230) Report design strategies (BOC 230)
Edge XI R1/R2 Universe Design
Administering SAP BusinessObjects Edge Series(BOS 210) Universe Design (BOU 210)
Data Services Advance Universe Design (BOU 220)
Extracting,Transforming, Loading Data(BOI 200) Web Intelligence
Data Federator – Designing On-Demand Federated Views (BOT 210) Report Design (BOW 210)
Data Federator – Designing On-Demand (BOT 220) Advanced Report Design (BOW 220)
Data Quality – Core Concepts (BOQ 200) Desktop Intelligence
Information Management, Text Analysis Report Design (BOR 210)
Introduction to Insight (BOZ 210) Advanced Report Design (BOR 220)
Metadata Management System (BOZ 240) Dashboard Manager
Categorizer Workbench (BOZ 250) Designing Dashboards (BOD 210)
Thing Finder: Core Concepts and Customization (BOZ 260) Crystal Xcelsius
Business Views Designing Interactive Presentations(BOX 210)
Implementing Business Views (BOB 200) Data Connectivity (BOX 220)
Live Office Voyager
What’s New (BLO 205) Essentials(BV 205)
Core Concepts(BLO 215)  
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