Energy and Utilities

Energy and utility companies operate in a unique climate of risk, uncertainty and volatility – where the challenges are intensifying daily.

Upstream operators – those involved in the exploration and production of raw energy resources – are under pressure to make better use of their aging assets and diminishing reserves, while reducing exploration and development costs.

Downstream operators – those focused on refining, storing and delivering energy – must grapple with transportation and security logistics, huge investments in refinery and distribution facilities, and uncertainty as to where and when market demand will appear.

Utility companies are struggling to accurately predict retail demand, control supply costs, protect delivery systems, minimize regulatory disallowances and sustain good credit ratings – in an environment sharpened by deregulation.

Across all sectors of the energy and utility industries, companies must make reliable decisions amid hundreds or even thousands of variables – while improving profitability, controlling costs and enhancing operational efficiency.

Business Intelligence solutions for the energy and utility industries combine award-winning software and best-practice services to transform masses of data about your operations, suppliers, risks, assets and profitability into strategic business intelligence – the fuel for competitive advantage.

Key Benefits

Understand patterns of energy supply and demand. You’ll clearly see the effects of seasonality, population growth, holidays, capacity and more. You’ll know how accurate past predictions have been and be able to apply that knowledge to continuously improve future results.

Utilities can generate highly accurate projections of energy demand and revenue. For large energy organizations, the incremental additional precision in forecasts can deliver significant bottom-line returns.

Measure and manage risk. Solutions for Energy provide a full range of advanced modeling techniques to accurately measure and monitor risk factors associated with trading energy. Business Intelligence Solutions for Energy represent a complete front-, middle- and back-office risk management and trading platform.

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